Environmentally friendly organic growing is an integrated approach to plant care based on the principle that a healthy environment creates healthy plants.

If you are a home gardener, a farmer, a landscape architect, grow in greenhouses, or enjoy living sustainably Biogrow has environmentally friendly solutions for you…

Insect Control

Our aim is to control insect populations to a level where minimal damage is caused to the crop and the beneficial insects have a supply of food. The closer we get to creating this balance, the healthier our environment will be.

During dormancy (winter) plants can be sprayed with Vegol and Pyrol for the control of scale insects and the overwintering mealy bug.

During the growing season alternate at 10-14 day intervals between sprays of Bioneem, Neudosan and Pyrol. Under high insect infestation and increased plant damage spray Pyrol at shorter intervals, every 7 days, in order to surpress the population of insects to a minimal level. Then continue with maintenance programme.

Snail & Slug Control

Ferramol is a unique blend of a iron phosphate active ingredient which originates from the soil. The bait that is not ingested will degrade and become part of the soil. Apply at a rate of 1 teaspoonful (5g) per m2. Depending on the level of snail infestation it may be necessary to use a bit more initially in order to bring the population under control.

The pellets should be sprinkled on the soil around or near the plants to be protected and not placed in piles. Reapply as the bait is consumed or at least every 3 weeks. Evening is the best time to apply ferramol as slugs and snails travel and feed mostly by night or in the early morning.

Stops slug/snail feeding immediately. Highly effective, rain-fast pellets.

Disease Control

Cool, damp and humid weather give rise to fungal and bacterial diseases. Under these conditions spray Copper Soap alternating with Phyta every 7-10 days if possible. Under dry and warm conditions you can increase the spray interval to 14-21 days. Rose growers continue with Copper Soap throughout the season.

Excellent general spray for roses, veggies, fruit and flower beds. Mix together a cocktail of Copper Soap, Biotrissol and the insecticide of your choice.

TIPS: Start spraying before disease is visible. Re-apply after heavy rainfall. Ensure good coverage of plant. Spray in the early morning or late afternoon. Read product label before use.

Foliar Feeding

Biotrissol is an excellent plant food that should be prayed at 5ml/l water every 14 days from the beginning of Spring through to Autumn. It is compatible with insecticides and may be added into these mixes. It may also be mixed in your watering can and drenched into the soil.

Phyta is derived from P, K and trace elements which stimulate healthy growth and will maximise resistance. It may be sprayed or drenched.

Weed, Moss & Algae Control

Herbicidal Soap can be used against a variety of annual weeds, moss and algae. Fast acting with a scorching action.

You can use Biogrow products individually but they have been designed to be used in conjunction with each other. Mix in a cocktail for best results.


contains Canola Oil & Pyrethrin (harmful)
Reg. No. L7062 Act no. 36 of 1947

Fast acting, organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide. Kills all stages of insects, including eggs, on contact.

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Copper Soap

contains Copper Octanoate
Reg. No. L7062 Act no. 36 of 1947

Natural organic fungicide. For the preventative control of fungal diseases. Biodegradable

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contains Potassium Phosphite
Reg. No. K6152 Act 36 of 1947

A suspension that will stimulate healthy growth and maximise resistance. P, K and trace elements.

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Biotrissol ®

contains Sugar Beet
Reg. No. B3304 Act 36 of 1947

Organic Foliar Feed. N.P.K. 3:1:5: + trace elements. Strengthens the plant & promotes the formation of blooms.

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Ferramol ®

contains Iron Phosphate
Reg. No. L7058 Act 36 of 1947

Organic rainfast pellets that lure snails and slugs from their hiding places. Animal and environmentally friendly.

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Finalsan Herbicidal Soap ®

contains Ammoniated Soap of Fatty Acid
Reg. No. L6959 Act 36 of 1947

A natural herbicide which kills moss and algae and will control various annual weeds. Fast acting and biodegradable.

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Reg. Not Applicable

Universal compost activator. This product contains compost bacteria, enzymes, fungi cultures and added nutrients which provide an easily digested nutritional medium for the micro-organisms which promote optimum rotting.

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contains Azadirachtin
Reg. No. L6958 Act No. 36 of 1947

Bio pesticide for the control of sucking, chewing & biting insects – disrupts behavioural patterns & metabolic activity.

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contains Canola Oil
Reg. No. L7061 Act 36 of 1947

Organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide with ovicidal activity. Natural plant oil. Kills all stage of insects.

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Neudosan ®

contains Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids
Reg. No. L7063 Act 36 of 1947

Natural organic contact insecticide effective against soft-bodied insects. Very soft on beneficial insects.

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Eco friendly, non-allergenic general cleaning agent which acts quickly and effectively on dirt & stains and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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High Carbon product that increases the fertility of soil by increasing the Carbon content of the soil.

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