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Hi-Clean is an eco friendly cleaning agent. It contains bio catalysts derived from advanced fermentation technology and, being a microbial product in its active form, it acts quickly and effectively on dirt & stains on all kinds of fabrics. It is 100 % environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  • Natural fermented enzymes (biocatalysts) and biodegradable surfactants.
  • Microbes in active form work against dirt and stains.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • No chlorine, phosphates, sulphates and fragrance and dye free
  • Non-allergenic.
  • No harmful residues.
  • Effective in salty and hard water.
  • Low foam formulation.
  • Grey water can be utilised in garden.




General Cleaning

Dilute 5ml Hi-Clean in 2 litres water, wash and wipe surfaces

Washing of Clothes

Manual Wash: Add 25ml of Hi-Clean to half a bucket of water (approximately 10-12 litres).

Soak in solution for 30 minutes and then wash normally.

Machine Wash: Dilute 40ml Hi-Clean in a little water (approximately 5kg of washing).

Add solution to detergent tray, rinse and pour rest of mixture onto washing.

Program washing machine as normal.